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Design center Imoti Inn offers a layout of the interior space of buildings and their premises. Our team creates interior and 3D design projects suitable to your requirements and needs. The interior design process goes through the following steps:

1. Meeting with the client for discussion and specification of the details of the interior design project

2. Visiting the site for viewing and capturing the actual dimensions of the spaces, which will be projected.

Service costs:

- For premises up to 100m² - 50lv.

- For premises from 100 to 200m² - 100lv.

- For premises over 200m² - subject to agreement.

- In case of a site outside of Sofia, additional transport costs of BGN 1/km are payable in each direction.

3. Conceptual design

· Preparation of a 2D model of the space with real sizes.

· Space planning and allocation of areas.

· Based on the distributions, 3 interior concepts are created, which have different color solutions for flooring, furniture, lighting, bathroom furniture and accessories.

· Offering a great variety of of floor and wall coverings and details related to them. Imoti Inn is an importer of 3D panels for walls and flooring coverings.

· Meeting with the client to discuss suggestions and clear the details.

· Preparation of a 3D project by our interior designer with photorealistic vision, as well as a price offer of the proposed elements of the furniture.

4. Preparation and submission of all technical documentation to the client

The technical documentation includes:

· Sketch of the entire space with all rooms and distribution of the required size.

· Sketch with the selected furniture and materials.

· Sketch with sizes and details for each of the walls that will have plasterboard constructions

· Sketch with sizes and details of the shape of suspended ceilings, the level of fall, and the presence of hidden lighting.

· Sketch with a detailed description of the luminaires, the exact location of the keys and light fittings, the type of lighting keys and which lights they operate.

· Sketch of all available electrical outlets, as well as the required power cables.

· Sketch with the exact location of the hot and cold water outlets, and the type and location of all necessary siphons and ducts.

5. Implementation of the project

The price for interior design depends on the particular project and for each home it is strictly individual. The price is calculated in BGN per 1 sq.m.

· For residential building interior - 20lv / sq.m. excluding VAT
· For public building interior - 40lv / sq.m. excluding VAT;

At the request of the client, we offer supervision - 30lv /hour excluding VAT.

Please contact us at or +359 889 574 689 to learn more about the services we offer or visit our office in Sofia, Lozenets, 19 Lyubata Street, where we can consult you and prepare your individual price offer. We can help you to express your individual sense of style and create your dream home!

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